Master Astrologer Virginia Sundin

About Virginia Sundin

Virginia was born in Minneapolis, MN a place she has considered home all of her life. It is the place where she became mother to her two wonderful sons, and found her spiritual home at Unity Church of Minneapolis.

After high school graduation, Virginia held various office positions until she and her husband Jordan opened their own employment agency known as Career Dynamics. They ran that business for ten years, until they realized it was time to do something else. They closed shop and went on the road.

Virginia Sundin's career as an accomplished astrologer began one evening in 1972 when she attended a lecture given by master astrologer Norman Arens.  During that lecture Virginia knew with certainty her destiny had found her. Virginia immediately signed up for classes and her life's work reading the stars began.

Virginia prides herself in being a life-long learner as she sat at the feet of teachers like Norman Arens, Carl Helm and Junice McCoy.

Through the teachings of Master Astrologer Norman Arens Virginia’s understanding of astrology came alive. It was Arens who taught that it is our natal chart which provides a road map for life. Arens taught this from a framework of astrological truth, known as “The God Power At Work”.

Carl Helm an astrologer, deeply rooted in tradition, could always be counted upon for a wise perspective. He was at the forefront of introducing the concept of astrology’s influence on the weather.

Junice McCoy was an intuitive healer and psychic who gave Virginia the courage to trust her own intuition and heart.  That influence is one reason that clients receiving a reading from Virginia, feel  the power of love in every sentence she speaks.
In 1989 Virginia was invited to become a reader at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival where she has recently completed her 26th season.  Over the course of her career Virginia has performed thousands of readings for individuals who have come to her, seeking knowledge about themselves.  

As a teacher, she has taught the art and science of astrology to many eager students.  Virginia is also a student of Tarot and Palmistry; offering those services to her clients who request them.  

Virginia loves her work; she loves the idea of helping those who need confirmation and validation as to what is happening in their lives. She loves the idea of guiding people to a place of peace and understanding as one's gifts, talents and blessings are revealed.

Unfortunately, a stroke, suffered in January 2020 de-railed Virginia’s ability to serve her friends in this way. But, every day brings her further along the path to recovery and she remains hopeful that one day, she’ll regain the ability to do “her work” again. In fact, if it were not for Covid related restrictions, she would likely already be able to consult in limited ways with her students and friends about astrology.

Now residing at Carver Ridge Senior Living in Carver, MN, Virginia’s heart is filled with hope that soon, freedom of movement will resume. For now, she’s biding her time, making do by visiting friends and family on the telephone. Since she isn’t traveling these days, she enjoys spending quiet time with her cat Cocoa.

For anyone who would like to contact Virginia, facebook is temporarily the easiest way to stay connected. As conditions improve, we’ll be sure to provide updates.